Step 1: All original works already sold can’t be duplicated. I can recreate a piece as close to an image but there will be differences. I advise clients to find images of my works that they like and to take screenshots of those. That way I can help to narrow down the type of commission desired. Also any fabrics, paint colors in home are helpful to coordinate colors.

Step 2: Once we discuss the desired colors we can then chose size. I paint anywhere from 12x12, 20x20, 24x24, 30x30, and all the way to large works 48x48, 48x60. Any canvas size over 48x48 will require an additional large freight shipping charge. My artwork ranges in price from $495-$5,000 depending on size of art.

Step 3: After price and size are confirmed I will add you to my commission calendar. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit to start the process. This is to cover my time, supplies. The final amount is due once painting is approved by the client. I will ship once balance is paid. I give all clients an estimated finish date upfront. I will take images as I work hrough the layers of creating the artwork. I like to involve my clients in the creative process as much as possible. I allow two adjustments during the process(Ex: adding color to an area or maybe adjusting a sky color). A fee will be charged for additional adjustments.